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Pooping By the Pool
It was a fine summer day and I was enjoying my in-ground pool with my two daughters.  I was lounging on a chair by the pool while my daughters Jane (17) and Erica (14) swam in the pool.  They were both becoming very beautiful women.  Jane looked a few years older than she was - she was quite developed and always had boys chasing her.  Erica was also developed for her age.  They were carbon copies of me except for their hair (Jane and Erica had blonde hair while mine was black).  I was only 34 years old and still looked quite good  - I had Jane when I was only 17 and had made some mistakes in my life.  But now I was a successful single mom with the two most beautiful daughters in the world.
It was on this day that something weird happened - Erica pooped in her bikini.  I wasn’t some strict mother who wouldn’t allow peeing in or around my pool.  I myself actually peed in the pool when I was too lazy to go to the toilet.  But pooping?  It made no sense.
I had noticed Jane sitting on the side of the pool for a pee break and I had decided to join her.  My white one-piece was yellow and warm the instant I had sat down.  Jane and I talked casually as we emptied our bladders through our bathingsuits, until I noticed something odd.  Erica was getting out of the pool at the other end and I noticed her red bikini sagging a little.
She walked over to the gate at the pooll entrance and looked around quickly.  She didn’t see me looking since I had my sunglasses on; all she saw was Jane and I engrossed in conversation, wetting ourselves.  Erica then grabbed hold of the gate and bend slightl at the waist.  Suddenly, the slight bulge in the seat of her bikini panties started growing.  Erica was red in the face and it was quite obvious that she was pooing herself.  I couldn’t believe it.  My 14 year old daughter was intentionally pooping her panties!
The bulge pushed out as far as the fabric would allow and then it began to form a mound between her buttcheeks.  More and more poop filled her bikini - it was over a minute before she stopped.  It seemed to be a fairly solid load.  When she had finished, there was no questioning what she had done.  She had a grapefruit in the seat of her bikini and I was curious as to what she was going to do about it.  It had definitely looked like she did it on purpose, but maybe the urge just got the better of her as she rushed to the bathroom.  Jane was engrossed in our conversation and had missed the whole ordeal.
I was surprised when Erica came back only two minutes later - the bulge in her bikini was completely gone!  How did she get rid of it so quickly?
She jumped back in the pool and climbed onto a raft.  Curiosity got the better of me and I called her over.  She paddled to the side of the pool where Jane and I were sitting in puddles of our own making.
"Are you okay, sweetie?" I asked.
"Yeah, mom.  Why?"
"I saw you get out of the pool.  Did you have an accident?"
At first, Erica denied the whole thing, but then she realized she was caught red-handed.
"No, mom, it wasn’t an accident at all.  I pooped my bikini on purpose?"
"I can’t believe you young lady!  Why would you do such a thing?  The toilet is just inside," I said furiously.
"It’s no different than peeing your bikini.  You and Jane do it all the time!" she said definaltly.
"No, it is entirely different.  Peeing in the pool or in your bikini is perfectly fine.  It is discreet,  harmless, and practical.  It makes no sense to dry off just to go and pee.  Pooping, on the other hand, is messy and dirty."
"Well how do you explain my clean bikini then?" Erica turned to her back and exposed her butt to show her clean bottoms.  "I just go in my bikini, empty the poo in the compost heap, and rinse my suit out with the hose.  It takes hardly any time and is much more convenient than drying off and going all the way to the house to poop.  It is the same as peeing your bikini - either way we are both using our swimsuits as a toilet!"
I was speechless.  Surprisingly, Erica had thought this through.  But pooping yourself on purpose?  It just seemed so foreign.  I really couldn’t think of a way to retaliate.
"Well, Erica, I still don’t want you doing that.  Ok?"
"Yes, mother," Erica replied with a sigh.
Jane had been quiet throughout the conversation, but she seemed to agree with me.  I thought this would be the end of pooping in bikinis, but boy was I wrong.
(To be continued…)
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