The Yellow Safe
Mom Said I Could: Part 1

Vacations were a family affair for me, my mother, and my sister.  All three of us love roller coasters, so we frequently make trips to all the theme parks in driving distance.  Even though Eliza and I are 21 and 18 respectively, we still take the time to vacation with our mother.  On this particular occasion, we were at Ruby Pier, which was a few hours away from home.  It was a three day vacation; days one and two were spent at the theme park, while we planned to spend the third day shopping before we returned home. 

As any roller coaster enthusiast would know, the lines for rides are ridiculously long.  We would wait two hours in line just to ride one ride, but it was worth it in our minds.  We were waiting in line for the Golden Bullet when it happened…

We had been waiting in line for over an hour and we still had another hour to go.  It was the third ride of the day, and I had just finished off a large soda when the urge to pee came on with a vengeance.  It was a hot day, so we had all had a lot to drink.  I thought my mom or sister, Eliza, might have to go, too.

"I really have to go pee.  Do either of you need to go, too?" I inquired as my hand lingered by my crotch.

"No." they both replied.  "You are going to have to wait until after this ride" my mother tole me, "We aren’t going to leave after waiting this long."

"Please?  There is no way I can wait until after the ride.  If I don’t pee my pants from the wait, I’ll pee them on the ride."

"Just try to hold on" said Eliza.

I put up with the urge for another 10 minutes.  My pee was searching for a crack in my defense and I soon needed my hand to hold back the flood.  Good thing I’m wearing a skirt, I thought as one tiny drop sneaked through my pussy lips.  I don’t want to have an accident in front of so many people.

"Mom," I exclaimed.  "I have to go NOW!  A few more minutes and your feet will be getting a bath."

"Ok, honey" She replied as she looked for a nearby bathroom. "I have an idea.  Why don’t you pee right there" she pointed to a waist-high brick wall bordering the line.  There was a patch of grass right behind, but level with,  the wall. 

"You could sit on the grass, pull up your skirt, and pee." Eliza recommended.

"Seriously?" I inquired, "what about my panties?  And everyone will see me!"

"No they won’t," Said Eliza, "It will just look like you are sitting while you wait."

"And it doesn’t matter if your panties get wet," My mom added, "They will dry soon.  Don’t worry about it.  You have my permission to wet your panties."

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  My mom was telling me to wet my panties in front of all these people.  On purpose!  There was no way I was going to do that.

But then a few more drips of pee escaped into my panties.  Well, I thought, I’m going to pee myself anyways.  At least this way will hide it from everyone.  Without saying a word, I sat myself down in the grass by the wall and moved my denim skirt out from under me.  I took one look around to make sure no one noticed what I was doing, said goodbye to my clean, white cotton panties, and gave a strong push.

I was surprised at how easily the pee came flooding out of me.  I gave a small gasp at the nice warm feeling spreading over my crotch and up my butt.  Relief flowed through me and so did a slightly naughty feeling.  I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but I was even more surprised at how good it felt.  Waves of pleasure rushed through me and I closed my eyes.  This went on for over a minute before I began to run out of pee.  When I finished, I took one quick look at my now wet, slightly translucent panties.  I wanted to touch myself right then and there, but I would have to wait for that. 

This was definitely something I would try again - and soon.  I can’t believe I enjoyed that, I thought as I rejoined my mother and sister.  Not only did I pee my panties and like it, but I had permission to do it!

It was more than an hour later before my mom and Eliza needed the bathroom.

"I don’t need to go anymore," I complained.  I wanted to get in line for the next ride, and they were wasting time.  Besides, I thought, even if I did need to go pee, I would just hold it.  If I am lucky, mom will give me permission to pee my panties again.  After all, they have already been peed in.

"Then you can clean yourself up," My mother told me, "I’m sure you will want to try and dry off."

I agreed even though my panties were already dry.  I would just take the time to inspect the damage.  When I got into a stall, I took off my panties in order to inspect them.  Woah! They were no longer white.  A large yellow stain surrounded the crotch and it extended up into the butt of the panties.  I was proud of the stain I made.  I gave the panties a sniff and was surprised to find that I enjoyed the aroma of pee.  Yes, I am definitely going to pee in these again.

Afterward, I made sure to buy a large drink.  I drank it quickly and began to wait for my bladder to fill up.  About an hour later, I was feeling the need to go.  However, I wasn’t close to wetting myself.  Even so, I decided to make it seem as though I was about to lose control.  We were waiting in line for another roller coaster, and we still had a long way to go.

"Mom, you won’t believe this, but I really have to pee again." I whispered to her as I held myself in mock desperation. 

"Again?" she said, slightly annoyed, "Just try to hold it in.  We only have about 30 minutes left."

"I can’t," I lied, "It is even worse than before.  What should I do?"

"Well," she sighed, "Your panties are already stained.  I guess you could pee over in the grass again.  Go ahead and just do that."

Those were the words I wanted to hear.  She had given me permission to wet myself once again…

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